My Journey Begins

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My Journey Begins

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On July 14, 2022, I went in for a routine medical examination. With noted problems with "my plumbing" , that came and went over the last several months, and seemed to be getting more pronounced, I suggested a PSA check with my blood test. Sure enough, my PSA level was 220, which is most certainly prostate cancer. Since that time, I have had a prostate biopsy, which confirmed that cancer was present, and that it is advanced. Then, CT scan and bone scan indicated that the disease had spread to the lymph system and bones, thereby making it "metastatic".

On October 11, the day after my initial visit to my oncologist, I was referred to the ER for edema in the legs and feet and extreme difficulty in urination to completion. I was held in the hospital until the 3rd day, after a catheter drained-off thousands of liters of fluid. The "Foley" catheter remains in place at home until my next visit to the urologist on the 31st of this month. This has surely impacted my quality of life!

So far, as a result of this ordeal, I've scratched 2 items off my "reverse bucket list"... in other words, things I never wished to ever experience. The prostate biopsy, and the catheter insertion (the argest gauge with inflamed prostate, I might add).

I don't believe you "grow old" - you just wake-up one day and Lo and Behold, you ARE OLD!

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