Second Chemo Attempt

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Second Chemo Attempt

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To minimize the reaction of the first chemotherapy session using docetaxel, a "cocktail" of benadryl, pepsid ac, and steroids were all injected before the docetaxel (main chemo drug). As I was now aware of the reaction symptoms, I noticed them even sooner than last time and aborted the drip within 2 minutes of the start. I found out that the previous session went on for closer to 4 minutes, not 2 as I initially thought.
So now I have a total of 7 hours of time spent in the chemotherapy room with only a total of 6 minutes of the actual chemotherapy.

My primary oncologist came into the room from his offices across the hall and directed "no more for him... we will discuss alternative plans next Tuesday!" I was quite relieved to hear this from him, yet worried that the cancer is still looming and needs to be attacked aggressively. As it is an aggressive form of the disease.

Also, I had a final "snapshot" from the radiation oncology group to prepare for daily radiation treatments on my right hip, where a lesion that showed up on my last PET scan and has caused immense pain at times. When it really flares up, I can't move the leg, twist, rotate, walk on it, nor get comfortable in any position. The radiation treatment is only for a one week period starting tomorrow.

FInally after the chemo session, I was given my montly bone injection. I ended up leaving the hospital with 3 bandages from injection sites, and black magic marker patterns on left and right hips, which I'm not supposed to wash off before the radiation therapy starts.

It is going to be a busy week coming up, but at least a break in the dreaded chemo procedure. At least for the time being.


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