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AT&T Fake Sites...

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Was googling for alternative internet providers today, and at the top of the search results was a site at

Calling the number on the site, which looks official enough, I felt a nudge of skepticism. The ring tone sounded unprofessional, and not like a bona-fide company website, especially for a company like AT&T. The records message also sounded phony.

Later on, I noticed that my phone log showed me dialing a strange number that I didn't recognize. So doing a little more research, I found out that the number of the website was redirected to an 844 exchange, which is not like AT&T at all!

I looked up the whois information on the domain to see that the owner is AT&T Services, but that the registrar website was and, CSC Corporate Domains.

I know a rat when I smell one and when the live agent asked for my social security number, I balked. That told me right then and there that this is a fishing outfit.

Reported it to the authorities and waiting to hear back from them.

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