Status of Kim & Ethan case as of the start of this forum

Seeking justice for Kim and Ethan and keeping their memories alive.

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Status of Kim & Ethan case as of the start of this forum

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Around late-summer of 2013, I was requested to visit Detective Nathan Sloan of the Muncie Police Department at his office in the city building. As I waited in the lobby after reporting into the Officer at the front desk, I felt awkward because the Officer attending the desk was Officer Winters, the one that initially discovered the youths, if my information is correct.

Sloan had recently taken over the case and was interviewing various people near to it to get up to speed and establish contact. My Father had already been to see him.

After giving a summary of my recollections of September 28, 1985 and the surrounding events, I mentioned that I was appreciative that action was being taken to re-enliven the case after what seemed like a lull in activity over the prior previous few years,

Detective Sloan told me that he was reasonably sure that the perpetrator was either deceased or already incarcerated for a different crime. He then showed me about half a dozen photos dated from the early to mid-1980s to see if it stirred any recollection but none of them did.

He told me of 3 scenarios of what he believed were plausible, all 3 seemed highly likely based on his statements. 2 of the cases involved suspects that were already locked-up for quite some time in the future and the other had been deceased for a number of years.

It seemed to me, however, that some of the "facts" were likely motivated by inmates seeking some form of alleviation of their own predicaments.

I also said that I was surprised that nothing solid has come-up after all of these years, as I always believed whoever was responsible would eventually "leak" information. There is still a reward for information provided to resolve the case.

Overall, I believed the interview was an effort to provide some form of closure to the case. Nothing further has been occurred, as far as I know, and Officer Sloan has since been moved to a different capacity within the department.

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