Adsense Reversal!

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Adsense Reversal!

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After giving up on the appeals to regain my Adsense status in 2011, I decided to try my luck with the top alternatives. over a couple of years, I saw very little, if any, earnings from those other ad sites. Not long after one of the most prominent alternatives "Ad-Bright" announced their disbanding, I got word from Adsense to resume my activity with them. I had long since deleted all my old google affiliations since they had dropped me from their program with out justifiable cause, I had a new set of google credentials, which is perhaps how I was able to get back to using Adsense, however, all my websites utilizing the ads (the ones they claimed had invalid clicks) were allowed to resume with no problem.

It has now been well over a year since getting back on board with Adsense with out any problems as of yet, but I have noticed that the levels of earning are not even close to what they use to be.

Oh well, I'm glad to be back with them - they may not be the best, but their better than the rest!

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