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An Even Newer Home for Fusion Culinaire!

Postby sysadm » Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:41 am

When the domain lapsed a couple of years back, I attempted to re-purchase it for a longer period of time. However, 1and1, the domain registrar I tried out for 1 year, seized control of the domain name and posted it for resale for $799.00 US. They apparently felt that it was prime internet real-estate! Anywho, I folded both my food blog and my book blog into a sub-domain of the personal site, which is how it stood for over a year. Last December, I moved to a new registrar and was able to re-activate for free for a year, however, I had to settle on a new domain name for my food blog - hence, My Fusion Culinaire food blog, far exceeds any other site I've ever maintained. Before the original domain lapsed, my traffic was approaching 10k a month, which is a threshold into the rank of "biggies".

As the numbers are beginning to rise once again, I vow to stay on top of this domain name business and prevent a lapse from ever happening again. Fortunately, the competition between registrars is causing a price war, so the prices are extremely affordable. We'll see how long that lasts!! 8-)

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