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They Must Have Been Watching Me Read About Their Scam!

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:38 pm
by sysadm
I swear, it wasn't more than a matter of hours after reading a few posted articles about the Google AdSense and AdWords scam, that they disabled my account! The reasoning was vague but decisive and seems to be pointing to "invalid clicks" as their justification. Even after appealing, they not only disabled my AdSense but removed my Affiliates from the entire options panel.

I've been subscribed to AdSense for over three years and never made a dime from them. My earnings listed were less than $2.00 USD from the time I subscribed until May of this year. When I noticed that a particular blog article of mine was getting a high level of traffic, I thought that perhaps I should pay more attention to the AdSense thing and insert some pertinent type ads into the article. I even propagated AdSense ads through-out my website and into my core WordPress templates. I thought that it seemed to do a nice job of using contextual ads. I also noticed that my earnings report was starting to show some activity.

As I was inserting AdSense into my sites, I was also adding plugins to render the sites for mobile devices. By using Safari extensions, I was able to emulate iOS devices without the need of actually acquiring the devices. I was still in the process of testing out the functionality of the plugins as well as the ads when they pulled the plug on me for alleged "invalid clicks". I've been using Google Analytics on practically a daily basis for years now and I have filters set to screen my own IP from inclusion in their data. Why would that filter not apply to my supposed "invalid clicks"?

After three months of so-so activity, my balance climbed to around $20.00 USD, including what was previously "earned" over the last few years.

Now they claim to not owe me a red cent.

The amount of revenue involved in this nonsense is miniscule, however, the principle of the whole thing is what irks me. After finally giving into their aggressive marketing approaches, they arrogantly, impulsively cancel my account without warning or hardly any prior correspondence at all for that matter.

I had also read that Barnes & Noble has dropped its advertising relationship with Google just days before. Could that explain their "cleaning house" antics? Also, many major sites have been hacked recently which effected my WordPress and IceRocket services. WordPress rolled-out 2 releases within a week to patch their hack and IceRocket lost data due to their hit. I wonder if Google got "hit" and lost data as well and are using the "invalid clicks" bull-shit as an excuse to "cover their asses". That would sound logical to me, especially in light of all of the negativity being expressed around the net about these guys. I firmly believe that "where there is smoke, there is fire", now I've been burned by that fire.

In the past, I've always felt an allegiance to Google and use many of their products and services with great satisfaction, however, this has changed my view on the entire operation.

BTW, Google "disabled my adsense account" and you will see severed heads rolling all over the cyber-realm.

More on this later...
Steve D. (webmaster) :x

Re: They Must Have Been Watching Me Read About Their Scam!

Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:37 pm
by sysadm
It did not take them long to reply to my appeal. After thanking me for my "side of the story" their decision stands. Did they even read "my side of the story"? Probably not.

I have now installed a couple of other ad services, a couple that I had used in the past and still had an active account with, and another new one (new to me anyway) called AdBrite. AdBrite seems to be the highest rated alternative to AdVerse. All the top notch services have been acquired by Google.

Imagine that!

Google - todays' Cyber Monopolizer

Re: They Must Have Been Watching Me Read About Their Scam!

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:15 pm
by sysadm
As I continue to be sore about getting canned by Google AdSense, I've done a little more reading about the scamming going on. It only adds to the frustratio trying to deal with ad services, being that they are not consolidated with all of the other Google niceties for website administrators, and they just don't seem to be as smoothly operating. Some of them don't seem to be too competent either.

This forum is a prime example of the bombardment that a site forum gets. It is a royal "PAIN IN THE ASS" for a forum administrator to deal with the endless supply of obnoxious assholes that have nothing at all constructive to do with their time. In light of that, perhaps these "Ministers of Muck and Mire" infiltrated my sites and caused bizarre activity within the ads which would justify Google's action and perhaps their vagueness in explaining the "risky behavior" that they gave as reason for my account being disabled.

On the other hand, what if Google is allows this "questionable activity" to occur so they can exempt themselves from any financial obligation to smaller guys so they can focus their greed on the big money makers - the high-traffic publishers?

Don't know who to trust, therefore, I trust nobody.